October 21, 2002: The Animal Abuse Trial of Faiths's previous owner was held today in Omaha, Nebraska. Her previous owner was convicted of Animal Abuse and was led out of the court room in handcuffs. Faith's previous owner received 7 days in jail!!

(November 24, 2002) Faith has had more surgery and some set backs!! Faith and her new owner were in Lincoln for the SCAT Agility Trial the weekend of November 23th and 24th, 2002. Since I last saw Faith she has been spayed and had surgery for a burn area that wouldn't heal. She has also had her hips x-rayed because it was thought she was hit by a car at some point when she was loose roaming the streets of Omaha. (She was either chained to a house or would get free and run.) The x-ryas showed some extensive hip damage and Faith will at some point have surgery on both hips. Right now her new owner is dealing with the new surgery and trying to keep Faith's spirits up. Here are some photos I took at the SCAT trial... I particularly like the photo titled "BeautifulFace" because it's a wonderful picture of a dog who has been through so much pain and suffering who still has beautiful brown eyes and a happy face. The photos also show Faith with a neck collar to keep her from scratching her incisions and her right rear foot is heavily wrapped to keep her from breaking open the stitches.

(October 25, 2002) Faith continues to heal; photos taken at the WHAT Agility Trial in Hutchinson, Kansas October 25, 2002.

Faith is an approximately 2 year old mixed German Shepherd. I first had the pleasure of meeting Faith the weekend of September 13-15, 2002 at the Bellevue Agility Trial held at the Nebraska Humane Society in Omaha Nebraska. Judy Varner, the Executive Director of the Nebraska Humane Society was introducing Faith to people at the Agility Trial, usually with a treat in hand to give Faith. Faith now knows that when she meets people something good will happen, nice tasty treats. I was very touched by my encounter with Faith and how trusting and loving she was in spite of the terrible abuse she had suffered. I wanted to share her story and it's happy ending with other people.

On July 19, 2002 the Nebraska Humane Society was called to a residence to assist the Omaha Fire Department with a dog at that location. Faith had been chained up next to a house that had caught fire and had been severely burned before neighbors were able to get to her and remove her from the chain. The owner was notified that Faith required immediate veterinary attention and the owners stated that they intended to get Faith to a veterinarian that day. The Nebraska Humane Society attempted repeatedly to contact the owner to verify that Faith had been seen by a veterinarian between July 19 and July 29 but was unable to contact the owner. On July 30, 2002 Nebraska Humane Society Investigator Tina Updegrove received a call from a concerned relative of the owner of Faith telling where the dog was and that the dog was in very bad shape. Investigator Updegrove was able to contact the owner, seize Faith for treatment, and issue citations for animal neglect for failing to get Faith the care she needed. The owner claimed that she could not afford to treat Faith and that was why she had not been treated.

Faith has now been treated and, more importantly, taught the meaning of love. She is now the newest addition to the family of the Executive Director of the Nebraska Humane Society, Judy Varner. The owner's case is pending trial but the above facts are public record and the Nebraska Humane Society has been very generous in supplying me with this information about Faith's case.

Here are some comments on how Faith is doing by Judy Varner, Executive Director of the Nebraska Humane Society.

Here are some photos of Faith I took at the Bellevue Agility trial;

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Here are photos taken by the Nebraska Humane Society when Faith was taken from it's owner by Investigator Updegrove and brought to the Nebraska Humane Society for treatment. I'll warn everybody that these are some of the worse photos I've ever seem and it was really distressing to me when I first viewed them. They however, show the remarkable recovery that Faith has made. She really is a miracle dog. I think Faith will have problems for some time before she fully recovers but she now has a safe home, is getting a lot of love, and as Judy Varner told me she will never be abused again.

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